Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vernal Equinox

Today the sun is shining directly over the equator and we will experience a day and night of equal length - then from here on out the days will get longer! We decided to celebrate by dressing Miles in some springtime garb. Our little sprout is getting really good at grabbing things, and then trying to shove them in his mouth. I am sure this will only become more common when teething begins, but for now it is fun to watch as he aims and occasionally hits the intended target.

Spring has also been marked by the return of the House Finch to our front porch. I am continually amazed when birds return to their nests in the springtime. For many this means the end of the very long journey from their wintering grounds. I am in awe that something so small can fly so far and return to the very same nest! The more I learn about the natural world the more I understand how delicate and complicated the whole thing really is. I think that is why every spring I feel like a child again myself as I watch with wonder while the world seems to come back to life.

I eavesdropped as the male and female finches seemed to clean out the nest from last years brood and then began to spiff it up with some new twigs and grasses. This reminded me that it is probably about time to do the same in our own home. I do love to spring clean and make everything feel new again.

I am finally recovering from a terrible bout with laryngitis and this is why I have not updated the blog with all of the happenings. Probably the biggest highlight recently was when Miles got to meet his Papou Jim on March 9th! I was so great to see these two hanging out. I know Miles is looking forward to many afternoons on the golf course with Papou, as soon as he can get this hand eye coordination thing, oh and learn to walk :-)

While I was without my voice Miles seemed to find his. While I took this picture of him in Michael's baby outfit he just laughed and smiled. He has taken to making the most delightful squealing noises when he is happy. He loves to try to take part in conversations and will interject his own opinion when you are talking. I look forward to when these sounds become words because I would love to know what he is thinking, but for now we are enjoying the babbling.

This week was also eventful because I returned back to the classroom, and Miles got to spend his first full day at his grandparents house! I feel so blessed to have my parents so close to take such good care of him as I return to my other love of teaching.

Our boy is growing so fast! It is hard to believe that he is already three months old. He is so strong, and loves to stretch his legs out and stand up. Each little milestone seems so great as we watch him take in the world around him and learn to interact with it. We are so looking forward to longer days and more sunshine as we begin our first spring as a family!

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