Saturday, June 25, 2011

Papa's Day

We had a wonderful day celebrating Michael, our fathers, and family! Just a quiet day at home that started with strawberry challah french toast and a visit from Papou.

We ended the day with Paw Paw and the visit was extra special because Uncle Matt was in town! I love this time of year, and I do believe my favorite thing to do is just hang out outside with "my boys". The garden is growing well, we made our annual "Solstice Strawberry" Jam, and overall life just seems so sweet these days! On Father's Day I found myself thinking that I have loved Michael for more than half my life now, and I must say that seeing him as the father of our beautiful child(ren) is probably the truest blessing I will ever know.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Hair Cut

We had an amazing surprise "popcorn visit" from "Aunt Mere" this past weekend. She arrived in truly magnificent fashion bearing a bouquet of peonies & roses, and the most divine rhubarb cake! (Thanks again for the gifts.) "Aunt Angela" joined us and we did our best to catch up on the events going on in all our lives. I feel so blessed to have shared so much of my life with these ladies, and my only wish for my children is that they make such wonderful lifelong friends.

As you can see from this photo my sweet son, who was born almost bald, was starting to rock a pretty shaggy hair do. We decided it was finally time for his first hair cut.

Michael did the honors while Miles sat in his high chair on the back porch.

He sat still for about two seconds... then the squirming ensued.

We recruited a very large sippy cup full of milk to do some distracting, but really Michael just had to work fast to make it happen!

Our handsome boy! (Who is actually starting to grow a few curls on the back of his head!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Uncle D's Birthday

We spent most of Memorial Day weekend putting in the rest of our garden. Now that the seeds are planted and the starts are growing roots in their new home, we just have to patiently wait for harvest time.

After all the hard work was done we celebrated by hosting Uncle David's birthday party. The highlight of the day (aside from the Rhubarb Sorrel Crisp :-) was when Aunt Sarah and Uncle David taught Miles how to fish.

Uncle D caught tons of fish; a Bluegill among them.

Miles was thrilled to learn how to cast the line and then reel in the fish!

Aunt Sarah caught lots of Striped bass so we got to look up close at their shiny scales and amazing gills.

I love this shot of Paw Paw with Miles on the dock. It reminded me of my own fishing beginnings at Lake Livingston in Texas. My brothers and I made some great memories with "Aunt Beverly & Uncle John" when we were growing up. I hope Miles can do the same with his aunt and uncle!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Making Biscuits

Lately when I am cooking in the kitchen Miles will come in and reach up with his arms and just say "peas, peas, peas." (Translation: Please, please, please.) How can I resist such a sweet request? Though - when I am holding him up and showing him what I am doing, I can get very little of the desired cooking done. So - my solution - the step ladder!

Miles amazes me with his strength and agility, being that he has only been walking since February. He climbs right up and he will watch me cook... and today he really helped!

I had a craving for biscuits this week, and since the market is open I was able to get some good local buttermilk. We pulled out the essential cookbook for classic recipes, (at least for this southern girl) The Joy of Cooking. Then we got to work! Miles helped pat out the dough and then cut the biscuits out.

I love this shot ~ my little helper!

Dinner was served on the porch, picnic style.

Miles is wearing one of the reversible bibs that Yia Yia Linda made for him out of the table runners from our wedding!! (I think it was such a thoughtful use of all that extra fabric, because there is no way we would ever need that many at the same time ever again - thanks again Yia Yia!)

He would fill his mouth full of biscuit and then make the sign for "more." So glad the biscuits were a hit. Both making and eating them was fun!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This post is definitely over due! About a month ago now Miles got to hang out with what we have all affectionately begun to call "the B-Girls." We have come a long way from our days hanging out at Baby Beloved and then just sitting around with the kids - who were usually sleeping. Now, they are literally running in circles around us.

They take turns eating out of each others snack traps - and sipping out of each others sippy cups! Chloe was a gracious hostess and shared all of her toys - and even taught some of the kids how to open the baby gate to the kitchen - she is so very talented!!

For those of you who made bets when we gathered in January, this time it was Sophia who was unhappy with the group photo shoot.

Miles was not willing to sit for very long and Josie seemed to have an urgent text she needed to send, so we made it short and sweet. They got back to playing, and the mamas got back to discussing teething remedies, night waking, and numerous toileting issues. Honestly - I think I would go insane if it were not for this group of women in my life right now. When I count the things I am thankful for - the "B-Girls" are always at the TOP of the list :-)

Don't we make beautiful babies! I know it sounds cliche but I cannot believe how fast they have grown. (This shot was taken back in February of 2010) AND - I simply cannot wait to see what the next "batch" will look like!

Finally ~ Here is proof that "Fia" did not have a terrible time the whole day! She was also full of beautiful smiles and her usual charm.