Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Hair Cut

We had an amazing surprise "popcorn visit" from "Aunt Mere" this past weekend. She arrived in truly magnificent fashion bearing a bouquet of peonies & roses, and the most divine rhubarb cake! (Thanks again for the gifts.) "Aunt Angela" joined us and we did our best to catch up on the events going on in all our lives. I feel so blessed to have shared so much of my life with these ladies, and my only wish for my children is that they make such wonderful lifelong friends.

As you can see from this photo my sweet son, who was born almost bald, was starting to rock a pretty shaggy hair do. We decided it was finally time for his first hair cut.

Michael did the honors while Miles sat in his high chair on the back porch.

He sat still for about two seconds... then the squirming ensued.

We recruited a very large sippy cup full of milk to do some distracting, but really Michael just had to work fast to make it happen!

Our handsome boy! (Who is actually starting to grow a few curls on the back of his head!)

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