Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This post is definitely over due! About a month ago now Miles got to hang out with what we have all affectionately begun to call "the B-Girls." We have come a long way from our days hanging out at Baby Beloved and then just sitting around with the kids - who were usually sleeping. Now, they are literally running in circles around us.

They take turns eating out of each others snack traps - and sipping out of each others sippy cups! Chloe was a gracious hostess and shared all of her toys - and even taught some of the kids how to open the baby gate to the kitchen - she is so very talented!!

For those of you who made bets when we gathered in January, this time it was Sophia who was unhappy with the group photo shoot.

Miles was not willing to sit for very long and Josie seemed to have an urgent text she needed to send, so we made it short and sweet. They got back to playing, and the mamas got back to discussing teething remedies, night waking, and numerous toileting issues. Honestly - I think I would go insane if it were not for this group of women in my life right now. When I count the things I am thankful for - the "B-Girls" are always at the TOP of the list :-)

Don't we make beautiful babies! I know it sounds cliche but I cannot believe how fast they have grown. (This shot was taken back in February of 2010) AND - I simply cannot wait to see what the next "batch" will look like!

Finally ~ Here is proof that "Fia" did not have a terrible time the whole day! She was also full of beautiful smiles and her usual charm.

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  1. I love how the cutey next to Sophie looks like she's texting in the one photo. Miles and his harem- what a trip!