Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day News

My second official Mother's Day was perfect! We started the morning with some block tower building, and then we went outside to work in the garden.

Michael kindly dug a trench (with Miles' help of course) around the entire garden to bury the fence to keep the rabbits and deer out.

The rhubarb we moved last fall is growing well in it's new home, and I can already taste the strawberry rhubarb pie!

Then our mothers came over, with Yia Yia Liz too, and we celebrated by eating tons of ice-cream! A perfect cool treat on this warm spring day.

We have lots to celebrate these days... in fact it is about time that we share the news! I will let Miles tell you the way he told Nonna, PawPaw, and Yia Yia Linda.

Yes - his shirt says BIG BROTHER!!! (And no it is not a hand-me-down like my mom thought for a moment) We bought it especially for our sweet boy - who will have a little brother or sister coming this November!

Oddly enough - just like last time - two Mourning Doves announced the news to us... well that and the plus sign on the test I took. Really though - I will never forget looking out on the back porch this spring and seeing these two birds. I remember looking at Michael and saying "What are they doing here?" Sure enough, a few days later we realized we were going to be parents again! We are so excited to share this journey with all our family and friends. I am especially excited for Miles to have a playmate, and a sibling to share this life with.

This Mother's Day, and every day, we counted our blessings and are thrilled to share the news!

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  1. I loved getting your message the other morning! I will call back soon! xoxo Congrats!