Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walk in the Woods

May finally brought some spring-like weather, and so we packed up some snacks and headed into the woods! We are having a great time getting to know some new wild spaces near our home. It is fun getting to know a new piece of land. I take my journal (and camera) when we walk, and in essence I have been "mapping" it as things change.

The forest floor was carpeted with Trout Lilies.

At the edge of the stream the Skunk Cabbage, that were blooming through the frost the last time we walked, were leafing out. Miles sat and "talked" all about the things he saw!

Michael spotted this little guy racing down the trail! Looks like a small Common Snapping Turtle to me.

My boys on the trail with me.

I was truly disappointed that we could not find any morel mushrooms. I guess we will have to keep looking for our own secret stash of spring's delectable treasures. However, we did find a little patch of wild leeks. I was careful to harvest only what we could use and leave the rest behind to grow some more for the future! They were delicious sauteed into a sauce with the last of our canned tomatoes. Our freezer and basement shelves are looking pretty empty these days. Just some lingering dilly beans, oh and more apricot jam - and frozen apricot halves. (I will never get that many apricots at once ever again!) Now we are making plans for this years garden and my cookbooks are bursting with recipes I am ready to try. I can't wait to taste good fresh veggies!!!

As we left the trail we said goodbye to a forest draped in spring, and I snapped one last wildflower photo. Blood-root. Quite a name for a sweet little white flower! Named for the red "juice" that flows when you break a leaf... good for dying cloth and yarn, or it can be used as war paint - should you need some.

I hope you are enjoying this spring - wherever you are! Get outside and get to know a little patch of land near you, you never know what you might find growing there!

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