Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miles' Second Easter

We had a really nice Easter weekend. We started with a celebration at my parent's house.

Miles was big enough to hunt for eggs at Nonna and Paw Paw's this year.

He wandered the house and popped open the eggs to eat the treats inside.

Very insightfully my mom stuffed them with raisins - a healthy treat. I found out he really likes raisins ... he ate a lot... I only know because I saw the diaper that ensued. (Sorry ~ too descriptive?? :-)

The next morning we enjoyed the sunshine on the deck by playing with the bubbles he got in his Easter basket!

Miles loves to play hide-and-seek under the dining room chairs.

Then we got dressed up again and went to another Easter meal. This time at Yia Yia's house.

This year he sat on his Great Auntie Ei's lap, and he wanted to crack his own eggs!

(Just look at how much he has grown up in one year!!!)

He fell asleep on the ride home with his new rabbit in his arms. He loves this fuzzy bunny, and in fact it has become another of his new words. He says "rabbit" - but often I translate from "babbet." He is learning and growing so fast - it is unbelievable to watch!

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