Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trip to Dallas

Wow - I think this is the longest I have ever gone without updating (and I have heard about it from some of you) so I do apologize! Honestly, this last month flew by at breakneck speed and I think we are all ready to slow things down and come up for air.

So ~ I will start at the very beginning... and since I have been stockpiling the posts full of pictures with no words for weeks now, I will finally fill them with words and let them date themselves. {It is actually almost mid-May as I type this.}

Back in April I left work and my family and headed off on an adventure.

Where are you going mama?

That was the quizzical look on Miles' face when I pulled out the suitcase. I was so excited to be going to Dallas to celebrate my cousins wedding, but I was a little worried... because I realized this would be the first time I was going away from Miles for more than one night! (We made the decision months before that Miles and Michael would stay here when I went, but I had no idea how hard it would be to leave until the day arrived.) Miles helped me pack, and then "my boys" delivered me to the airport.

Wow - what a party we had! The celebration went on for days, and it was so much fun to help this beautiful couple feel surrounded by love and laughter as they began this next chapter of their life together.

My proud mother helped to throw Chelsea a perfect bridesmaid's luncheon the day before the wedding. My sweet sisters-in-law joined us and it was so much fun to be together!

My grandmother continued the tradition and knit a wedding shawl for Chelsea.

Me with my cousin Sloane at the rehearsal dinner.

My dad and his only niece on her wedding day!

We spent a beautiful day together, getting our hair and makeup done, and getting all dressed up. I had such a wonderful day getting to know all of her amazing girlfriends.

(July 23, 2005) It reminded me of my wedding day.
Chelsea stood by me as my maid of honor on my wedding day, and it was so exciting to finally be there for her!

My Aunt Sally - the beautiful MOB - mother of the bride!

The time arrived - we boarded the bus and headed to the chapel to get our girl married!

The bride was gorgeous, the ceremony was perfect - including the most elegant version of the Lord's Prayer sung by my talented sister-in-law Sarah, the celebration went into the night, but the best part was the smiles on the faces of the newlyweds as they walked down the stairs together at the end of the night. I know it is hard to believe, but I did not take any pictures at the reception - so I do not have a pic of the bride & groom - I will have to wait to see the photographers. (Besides, I was having too much fun hanging out in the photo booth and gorging myself at the candy bar :-).

I did get a picture of my handsome brothers and their beautiful wives.

We truly celebrated for days while I was in Dallas and it was great to be surrounded by family, but oh did I miss my little man!! Luckily papa sent me pictures each day, so here - you can see how I got through our time apart.

Reading the paper.


Eating spaghetti.

Learning the alphabet.

Tree... (it sounds more like twee) so cute.

Playing with "Fia" - they have become great friends, he asks for her on days when he does not see her.

I survived my time away from my boys, and I even had a really great time, but I do not want to do it again any time soon!

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