Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Just a quick post of some pictures enjoying the sunshine we have been experiencing. The temperatures are still cold, but I will take the sunshine whenever I can get it! I was so inspired by the spring like weather that I bought some sidewalk chalk... and Miles was slightly entertained by it. More of it ended up on him than the sidewalk, but it was fun!

Here is his fifteen month picture.

On March 19th we watched the "Super Full Moon" rise from our back deck. Michael held Miles who was pointing excitedly the whole time! He does that a lot lately to let us know what he thinks is interesting. We have also taught him some sign language, and just the few words in his vocabulary really seem to help him communicate. In addition to sign language, he is fluent with a few words: ball, bowl, Mama, hi, bye, and down. Otherwise we hear a lot of grunting and babbling, that we know mean something to him... so we just smile and try to figure it out!

The last great milestone this month was the completion of the bench! Michael has been working on this beautiful bench for a looooong time. In fact it was on our list of things to do before Miles arrived. Needless to say everything else got done, and Michael patiently worked on his project while taking on the new duties of being dad. Well - finally, the bench is complete. Miles help put the hinges on. This beautiful creation will be enjoyed for years to come, and probably become a proud family heirloom that we pass on. Miles - I think you are first in line to get it!

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  1. Happy Earth Day my favourite Michigan family :)

    & enjoy the easter bunny visit :))