Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mmm good!

Just some pictures of little man eating - one of the things he does very well! Loved this series with the last bit of last summer's pesto. The garden is ready to start growing more basil so we can make more this summer!

First bite of ice-cream. Chocolate peanut butter!

I ate tons and tons of chocolate peanut butter ice cream when I was pregnant with Miles. We would walk to the local ice-cream shop and I would devour my cone in moments in that fiendish way only a pregnant woman can. By the end of the summer I was getting the waffle cone, stuffed full of ice-cream.

Well, last week I bought some ice-cream to get ready for the Mother's Day gathering at our house, and I was tempted by the little single serving containers of my favorite - chocolate peanut butter . Miles busted me sneaking some before the party, and I couldn't help myself, so I gave him a (very small) scoop. Oh - his eyes lit up - what is this delicious frozen treat? He was happy to sit and suck on the spoon, even after the ice-cream was gone.

I do wonder if his exposure to all of the ice-cream will automatically make chocolate peanut butter his favorite too?

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