Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sweet Life

Miles made an appearance in the Grand Rapids Press this past weekend! You can view the photo with the caption on

THE SWEET LIFE: Michael Triant balances a waffle cone as he snaps a photo of his wife, Sally, and son Miles, 5 months old. They were at the Parlor at Cherry Hill to give Miles his first ice cream experience.

We made our first trip this summer to The Parlor, the ice cream shop on Cherry St. Last summer we went for tons of walks and we practically ended every evening on their benches eating ice cream. I was the typical VERY pregnant lady happily devouring a huge waffle cone with my favorite peanut butter chocolate ice cream. Now I cannot eat the peanut butter because it gives Miles a rash, though I've been assured this does not mean he will necessarily have a peanut allergy when he gets older. So, I settled for mint chocolate chip, and Miles tried as hard as he could to get his own bite. No ice-cream yet for the little guy, but we are planning to start some solids soon. I have a great book and we are excited to start cooking some of the veggies we are growing in the garden for him.

As I sat down to enjoy my ice cream Michael began to take pictures, and then a man on a nearby bench began taking pictures of the whole scene. It was quite a moment and Miles seemed very comfortable in the spotlight as his paparazzi snapped away. The press photographer told us to look out for the picture, and sure enough we made it in the Sunday paper. It will be a wonderful addition to his baby book!


  1. "The Sweet Life"
    That's sooooo cool! I love it, I love it, I love it!

  2. I love the last picture with Miles' (oh no he has one of those names that has the ez sound at the end, which is always an apostrophe conundrum!) flawless, pale skin against daddy's tattooed, dark skin. It's very cool looking. Miles is such a doll! Oh and I love how the paper makes it sound like you are feeding Miles ice cream at 5 months. You know there are some moms out there thinking you are some crazy lady! :o)