Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Bird

Last night Miles got to see his Great Grandmother again. She flew in from Houston for the upcoming wedding! Miles has not seen her since he was just a few weeks old, but they just started talking again like old friends being reunited.

Outside in my father's garden the Robin that has nested there for the last few years was off finding food for her four baby birds. They were stuffed into the nest and waiting patiently for her return.

This morning we decided to try to feed our own baby bird some solid food. He has been watching us eat with tons of interest lately, so we thought it might be time to try. He had his first taste of some rice cereal served up in the beautiful wooden bowl that Marie Catrib gave him.

I fed him first, and then we switched off and Michael took a turn. I love his little bird lip in this picture as Michael spoons in the cereal.
He ate all of the food. Then we followed the meal with some water to wash it down. He really did not like the water. It was funny to see him make faces each time we spooned in the tasteless liquid. Michael finally made a funny game where he took a very animated sip from his cup of coffee each time I offered Miles the water. Miles would imitate him, and soon all the water was gone!

So there you have it. Our little baby is growing so fast and has become a tiny foodie in the making. I hope to give him an appreciation for delicious locally grown seasonal food as I feed him throughout his lifetime. For now we will just start with a few spoonfuls of cereal each day.

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