Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Strawberry Jam

I love this time of year in Michigan when all of the fresh produce starts streaming in from local farms. We really try to preserve as much as we can to use throughout the year. When I buy my first flat of strawberries the process begins, and I know it is "game on." For the rest of the summer I will be spending every spare moment in the kitchen blanching, freezing, and canning. This season we have also added baby food to the repertoire, and I started by making ten ounces of asparagus puree. (Miles you can thank me later.)

The weather was cool while I processed the strawberry jam and I was thankful because the kitchen usually gets really hot with all that steam.

The jars were filled with ripe red sweet jam that we will enjoy throughout the year ~ and many of you will see again in your holiday baskets I am sure :-)

As I finished up Michael and Miles enjoyed one of the many World Cup games taking place in South Africa. Just wish we could be there to watch in person!

As you can see Miles and Monkey are really enjoying learning the ways of the game from Papa! Looks like we have a new tradition ~ instead of our usual "Solstice Strawberry Jam" now every four years the Triant family kitchen will be processing "World Cup Strawberry Jam" fresh for your enjoyment.

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