Friday, June 10, 2011

Uncle D's Birthday

We spent most of Memorial Day weekend putting in the rest of our garden. Now that the seeds are planted and the starts are growing roots in their new home, we just have to patiently wait for harvest time.

After all the hard work was done we celebrated by hosting Uncle David's birthday party. The highlight of the day (aside from the Rhubarb Sorrel Crisp :-) was when Aunt Sarah and Uncle David taught Miles how to fish.

Uncle D caught tons of fish; a Bluegill among them.

Miles was thrilled to learn how to cast the line and then reel in the fish!

Aunt Sarah caught lots of Striped bass so we got to look up close at their shiny scales and amazing gills.

I love this shot of Paw Paw with Miles on the dock. It reminded me of my own fishing beginnings at Lake Livingston in Texas. My brothers and I made some great memories with "Aunt Beverly & Uncle John" when we were growing up. I hope Miles can do the same with his aunt and uncle!

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