Monday, February 22, 2010

On top of the world!

Wednesday, February 17th was a wonderful day for Miles. You might even say he was on top of the world! We had sort of an impromptu Bradley reunion when Cassie, Monica, and Sarah met me at Baby Beloved for the weekly Mother-to-Mother group I have come to love. It is truly amazing to listen to other mothers successes and challenges regarding breastfeeding. I am reminded that I need to take a moment to recognize that although this is one of the most challenging things I have ever done, it is also one of the most rewarding. When I weighed Miles he topped the scale at 12lbs 13oz - pretty good for eight weeks old, so we must be doing something right! Afterward the "girls" brought their girls over and we had some lunch. While we ate delicious pizza from Nantucket Bakery we watched our babies play on the beautiful blanket that Yia Yia Linda made for Miles. It really was not that long ago that we were all pregnant and waiting for our babies to be born. It was so surreal to look around the room at these new little people that have brightened our lives and changed our world.

From left to right, Sofia, Josie, Miles, and Chloe hang out. As usual Miles seemed to be playing shy surrounded by all the ladies! In fact he sort of slept through his private photo session with Sofia. Watch how in the next four frames she moves around and he does not budge!

Finally he opened his eyes, and though he did not stare into hers, we think they were flirting just a little!

This weekend we have the official Bradley reunion planned and we will all get to meet Elouise (born February 2)! SO Miles was the ONLY boy - lucky little man! Can't wait to watch him grow up surrounded by these precious girls.

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