Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Walk

I can hardly believe that it has been 8 weeks since Miles was born. Things are starting to feel settled around here... as much as they can with an infant in the house. I dare say we are approaching a rhythm (not a schedule) but something more like the ebb and flow of tides. While not as reliable as a tide chart there are many things in our lives now that are predictable. We like to eat when we awaken, we get kind of cranky in the evenings, and messy diapers are guaranteed (but the blowout is always a surprise)! The rest is becoming extremely familiar as we get used to our new reality filled with the likes of lots of laundry (the downfall of cloth diapering), morning smiling sessions, and lots and lots of time for breastfeeding. So last Friday we decided to end our hibernation and head outdoors because we were getting a little bit of cabin fever! We took a little "winter walk" around the neighborhood and enjoyed the diluted southerly sunshine breaking through the clouds.

Miles looked a bit apprehensive as we dressed him in his lumberjack jacket (a hand me down from Leo!) and I had to snap a photo. I love the way his bottom lip just folds up - it is even more pronounced when he is really pouting.

Then we tucked him into the wrap that our dear friend Christine {who is also a talented jeweler - check out her work on Etsy} gave us, and we were off! Michael posed for this picture in front of the plot where we have our community garden every summer.

Back at the house with our lungs full of fresh air Michael took this picture of me with Miles in our "veggie hats." (Miles was none too happy to be pulled from his warm little caccoon.)

There is a lady who sells a huge variety of veg hats at the local farmer's market {her work can also be seen on Etsy}. I have fallen in love with her hats and my sweet son will probably be sporting a ridiculous amount of edible delights on his little head, whether he likes it or not, for many years to come. In this picture Miles is wearing the radish hat... and a bit of a frown, and I have on my eggplant hat.

I bought my eggplant hat to wear in October at my brothers wedding, along with my purple bridesmaid's dress, because at seven months pregnant I thought I looked a bit like an eggplant! Here I am with my sister-in-law's mother, Janet, in her beautiful purple hat at the wedding. I will let you decide, but I know that I even felt like an eggplant (if that is possible)!

We are already getting excited about spring around here and we cannot wait to be planting some real veggies in the garden.


  1. This photo does not give the true perspective of just how eggplant-y you were. but I do think we both had it going on, hatwise. :-)

    Miles is looking super cute, especially in the lumberjack coat!

  2. Sally - you are the cutest eggplant ever! & Miles is a very sweet radish!

    I have been SO looking forward to calling you... & I will try tonight - your am and see if its a good time for you :)

    Love you tons!! Hugs to all 3