Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miles Smiles

In the last few weeks Miles has begun to smile! Not just the kind of smiles that are brought on by gas or the occasional fleeting turned up corners of the mouth. These smiles are accompanied by sincere cooing, almost giggling, and full on eye contact. Really, it is the stuff that melts your heart and makes you wonder what you ever thought was important before he showed up to light up your life! (At least that is how Michael and I feel.) I have yet to capture this phenomenon on video, and these pictures really do not do it justice but they will have to suffice. Michael loves to play with him and make him laugh (as seen above), and I have tried to wave a toy about to capture a smile. I will keep trying to capture the complete eye contact smile on film. Until then I will enjoy the "hunt" for the evasive smile. Each day he surprises me with his sweetness when we suddenly communicate our shared delight with a huge ear to ear grin. No one told me a smile that wide would make me burst into tears and fall in love over and over again!

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