Friday, February 26, 2010

He sleeps...

This week I decided to focus on the different faces of Miles as he sleeps. He likes cat naps more than long stretches of sleep, and he picks them up throughout the day. Often his bottom lip folds inwards and/or he has his mouth wide open. I tell him that if he is not careful that flies will get in :-). He does not seem to care and he continues to sleep and sleep and sleep.

Every morning Miles sits with us in his bouncy chair as we prepare and eat breakfast. This morning I grabbed the camera to capture yet another picture of him sleeping. His little hands are raised up like he is cheering... perhaps he just won an Olympic medal for napping!

Then the snap of my camera shutter woke him from his slumber...
At first he was not too impressed that something so trivial would take him away from the important work of snoozing!
Then he seemed to settle into the idea that his crazy mom was just at it again taking pictures!
First he looked at me quizzically,
and then he gave me the long awaited SMILE for the camera!!!!!

It must have worn him out because later that night he crashed, and fell asleep on my chest. This time it was a deep sleep, and as you can see the bottom lip was in full fold mode!

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  1. that curled up lip is too much. so cute. hope you guys are doing great! miss you.