Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Picture Post

Winter Canning ~ Valentines Grapefruit Marmalade.

So civilized eating with his fork and knife!

Fourteen month photo shoot.

Wearing Papa's boots.


  1. Wow, Sally... he really looks like you in those close up funny faces!! I can't believe it. We need to make our applesauce date soon. Oh and by the way, Paul is completely obsessed with Spicy Dilly Beans so if you make those again I might need an invite. It wouldn't kill me to have one "traditional" skill. He shared them with all of our neighbors and everyone loved them! They didn't last long.

  2. Hello by the way from Texas! I was finally checking out your blog and Miles is just adorable! I'll have to show Travis soon so he can see how you guys have been. We have been good, Aiden is growing like a weed and is such a fun little guy, I can't believe he's already 7 mo old. Are you on FB? I post pics there, look me up if you are!