Monday, July 18, 2011

July Update #2

At the end of June we added a new friend to our lives! Baby Emma was born (quickly) on June 24th, and we got to help watch Sofia while baby was being born.

We are so happy for our friends, and looking forward to the months ahead as the "Bradley clan" continues to grow! Miles seems interested in little Emma, and when we visit he likes to point and say "baby," but that is the extent of it. I still do not think he has any idea that he is about to get one of those babies all for himself this fall :-).

On this particular visit he was MUCH more interested in his berry popsicle and swimming with "Fia" in the play pool than playing with Emma.

Another July highlight has been the fact that G.G. was here for a visit! She arrived the night of Nonna's gallery opening; check out City Art Gallery. Both my mother and my brother have some of their beautiful artwork for sale! Then GG, Nonna, and Paw Paw took off on a road trip out east! Grandmother got to spend 4th of July in our nations capital - something I know she adored doing! I love this picture of her at the Lincoln Memorial. They also included the wedding of a dear family friend, a visit to Fallingwater, and a trip through Amish country in Pennsylvania along the way.

When they returned Miles made sure to spend some quality time with his great grandmother. Then we got together and cooked personalized pizzas for dinner to celebrate Paw Paw's birthday.

The best part of dinner was definitely the strawberry cake! We enjoyed the last of the season's harvest from Paw Paw's garden.

Here is a recent portrait of myself - or at least what I can still see of my feet as my belly grows :-)

First harvest - finally - peppers and cucumbers are coming in from our garden! YUM!

And - a recent portrait of Miles! Unfortunately he experienced his first visit to the Urgent Care clinic last week. Around 3:30 pm we noticed that his right eye seemed to be getting puffy, and sort of gooey. Then by 7pm it was obvious - he had something really wrong! So - we made a quick trip to our local clinic, and sure enough - Miles was one of the four cases of pinkeye the doctor had diagnosed since four o-clock that day! Our little man was pretty patient with us as we added drops to his eyes. The infection spread to the left eye the next day, but now it is all cleared up. As far as I can figure we managed to take this home as a souvenir from our local library. I distinctly remember watching him start to play with all the toys in the kids area and thinking, "Sal, don't be so afraid of germs - let him play - what can happen?" Well- your kid can get pinkeye! :-) Oh - the joys of parenting!

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