Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beach Day

On Sunday (8/22) we packed up and took Miles to the beach for the first time - finally! We "hiked" in with all our gear to practice taking Miles on a larger backpacking trip in the future, and to build some stamina. We love the little stretch of beach at Saugatuk Dunes State Park and it was the perfect summer day to enjoy the wind and waves.

When we arrived Michael fed Miles his first taste of the carrots grown in our garden. As you can see this little man truly loves to eat!
We were also able to catch some quality time with Theo Dan when he joined us at the lake. It was really special to share such an exciting first for Miles with his uncle.
At eight months old he is sitting up, crawling/scooting about, and interested in everything around him. He was fascinated with the ring-billed gulls as they circled overhead.

Miles takes his first dip in Lake Michigan!

This family loves to spend time together outdoors...and this was the perfect day at the beach!

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