Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Visits

I have fallen a bit behind on the postings lately, for various reasons. As my friend Vanessa would says, "Things have been a bit hectic." August has gone so fast and I feel so many signs that seem to say we are on the cusp of the seasons. The blue jays seems to squawk frantically as they inspect the oak tree outside perhaps staking territory for future food supplies. The clouds have taken on some of the telling gray fuzziness of fall, and at night there is a distinct coolness billowing in through the windows along with the softening scent of dew.

We have been celebrating the warmth of these precious days of summer by filling them with visits from family. Theo Dan has made his stop in the Midwest before he heads east to Boston. About two weeks ago (8/15) we went for a nice walk through Riverside Park, enjoying the weather and good conversation.

Miles spent some of the walk in Papa's arms sailing up high in the canopy of trees and laughing the entire time.
We also enjoyed a visit from Michael's Thea Connie. Here she is with Papou Jim and Miles lounging on the lawn for a photo shoot.

Connie discovered that Miles loves to bounce and they laughed and laughed together as he jumped up and down on her lap. Something he has continued in her absence, but not as delightful without their hearty giggles of shared glee.

We are as always so thankful for our wonderful family. I still try to appreciate the simple saying I heard long ago that goes something like "Change is the only constant." I know that the seasons will always change and the cycles of life will ebb and flow. Yet in the midst of all this there is also the constant strand of family. Our small family of three is so grateful for the love and support of the larger whole that surrounds us!

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