Monday, January 31, 2011

Sledding at Sofia's

We had an impromptu sledding adventure at Sofia's house last weekend because she got a new sled for Christmas, and wanted to show it off. It was pretty funny shoving these little beings into their snowsuits. They look a bit like astronauts that have been dropped onto a snowy lunar landscape.

Sofia was content to sit and eat the snow!

Papas and winter babies.

While Michael, Monica, and Todd ran in circles creating the sledding track in the yard, I occupied myself making snow angels with Miles.

Mama and baby snow angel :-)

The parents quickly reached their weekly exercise quota by running the kids around the track a few time... it was exhausting. Sofia seemed to enjoy it the most, Miles was close to tears the entire time when he was in the sled.

He did seem to enjoy cheering his buddy Sofia on when it was her turn!

Fun times filled with laughter and friends!

Don't you just wonder what they are chatting about? Probably their crazy parents!

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  1. Sal I love these pictures! The picture of Mo and Sofi with the snow in the air is amazing. Looks like you guys had a fun time!!