Sunday, January 23, 2011

January Update

January has flown by, that is really all I can say. I can hardly believe it is 2011. Where does time go? This month has been marked by some of the beautiful snowy (cold) days that make you love all four of the seasons! We have spent some good quality time out of doors, but we have also been working a ton too! I have been back in the classroom and it feels great to be teaching again. Michael has been busy with work and also with music. On the weekends we have been blessed by visits from friends from afar (both in and out of the state) and as always we cherish these moments - we just wish they were more frequent.

One Saturday we went to visit Yia Yia Liz. I am not sure who enjoyed the visit more, Miles or Yia Yia. He loves to crawl all over her house and play with her pretty things, but his favorite by far is the piano! Since he was little he has loved to sit with her and make music. I do hope that some of her talents have been passed on to him, or at least the appreciation and love for music that she has.

While they played Michael and I ate koulouria (delicious Greek butter cookies sprinkled with sesame seeds) and drank coffee in the kitchen. When they came in she asked if Miles could have one. I was not going to say no, but it occurred to me that this was a very special treat for him! It seemed fitting that Yia Yia Liz should deliver something so tasty to his lips. Miles was thrilled to be gumming on a cookie, and we all smiled at his delight. As we laughed I looked over to see a needlepoint on the kitchen shelf that was made by Yia Yia Linda. It says "If mom says no, ask Yia Yia Liz". Perfect! And so true. What else are Yia Yia's for? I adore the fact that at 90 years old she is so active and so willing to spoil my son all the time.

So here is a collection of photos so you can see what we have been up to this January!

Miles is growing so fast it is hard to believe! Lately he has been starting to identify objects when you ask him to find them. If you say "Go play your piano" or "Go find Little Bear" he will turn and diligently head off to complete the task. Most of the time he is successful, but sometimes he gets sidetracked and finds something else to do.

Here he is reading leisurely as we get ready for another outdoor adventure. As he waited for us to load the car he brushed up on some tractor knowledge :-)

Hanging out with "Sila" and her dog Barkley - who by the way was precious enough to stop passers by on numerous occasions so they could pet the pooch. Miles seemed a bit bewildered as he is used to being the cutest thing around!

Healthy meals make healthy babies! Miles loves to eat his greens. This meal was green beans and peas with a heaping scoop of spirulina. I liked the different colors together in the pan. Miles patiently waited as I took the opportunity to grab a photo of him and his dinner.

Miles has been mastering the art of the sippy cup, and as of late it is a love-hate relationship. He will drink juice out of his sippy cup, milk out of a bottle, and water out of a cup with a straw. It must be "first child syndrome" and I know we are to blame - because I can't imagine giving this many options in the future :-)

Another "accomplishment" lately has been his amazing ability to imitate. The best example has been the fact that he loves to pull out Michael's thumb pick, place it on his right thumb, and then go strum the guitar!

Another example is when I am in the office and he is "helping" me, he will grab a piece of paper and crawl over to the shredder with it. Really a good reminder that baby is always watching... and not to leave the shredder plugged in!!

This weekend "Uncle Joel" came over with his bass guitar. He rehearsed with Michael for a few hours. When Miles woke up from his nap he did not cry... I found him rocking back and forth in his crib listening to the music. When he got up Joel let him try his hand playing. On cue Miles grabbed his thumb pick and started strumming this new instrument with four strings instead of six.

He really liked the sounds of the music coming out of the amp next to him. At first it seemed to puzzle him, then he just grinned when he realized he was making all that great noise!

So that is the news around here. Miles is thirteen months old. He is on the cusp of walking, he loves playing with other children, and he is literally growing before our eyes! I am madly in love with this little inquisitive ball of energy and each day is a new treasure to explore through his eyes.

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