Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Second Christmas

The Michigan berry pies were made and the table was set for Miles' second Christmas. It actually felt more like the first because last Christmas we were bleary eyed new parents with a five day old. This year we ventured out to visit the Laughter and Triant families.

Miles spent some time trying to figure out how he could climb the Christmas tree that he helped cut down back in November. Then he figured out that there were gifts beneath it. He promptly began unpacking the pile under the tree... and sometimes he stopped to read the tag.

I do believe the all time favorite was the wooden motorcycle. Beautifully handcrafted and ready to ride. He hopped on like a pro and Michael proceeded to show him where the clutch, brake, gears, etc. were located. I had a small flash forward and pictured a 15 year old in full motocross gear, and again my heart fluttered a bit!

We shared precious time with family and as I looked around the room I felt so blessed. The gifts given/received were thoughtful and much appreciated, but the real thing I cherish is the time spent in eachothers presence. I am so grateful for family that is close - as well as those who travel (and missing those who can't) as we spend time together each year. This is the stuff that memories are made of.

Christmas morning Miles played with his new tractors from GG, and then we headed over to Yia Yia Linda's.

There was a huge plate of her delicious iced sugar cookies for all to enjoy ~ Theo Dan's favorite!

Miles found a whole new set of decorations he could play with. He especially liked the silver bells - the sound they made as he shook them - and then the sound of the one he just finished ringing crashing onto the floor as he "hucked it" and picked up the next one :-)

He is really developing a personality - and seems to adore the fact that everyone loves to hold him and play with him. The favorite activity became trying to cajole him to make "trumpet lips", the funny face where he purses his lips and breathes in and out. I don't care what you are doing, it is hard not to stop and laugh when he makes this goofy face!

With 2010 drawing to a close I find myself replaying the year in my head. As I look back over the blog I am mesmerized at how much has happened with this new soul in our lives this year. I have been playing around with the idea of ending the blog now that Miles is one. Part of me thinks it would be good to move on to a new project. This was such an outlet for me when he was tiny. I could be creative and reach out to friends who wanted to watch him grow.

The other part knows that I will always take pictures of him - and inevitably in my head I will begin composing the next post. I love the way that this medium has allowed our friends and family all over the world watch the most amazing year of our lives unfold. So - my guess is that you will be able to tune in for more updates in 2011! I know that I will not be able to stop posting - though they may be fewer and farther between.

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  1. I love every photo and word; please don't stop posting. Love you all Melvin & Arlene