Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse - Winter Solstice

As wonderful as it is to live on the west side of the Mitten State...sometimes is can be a bummer in winter. The frequently cloudy winter skies block out the stars, the sun... and oh yes, the rare eclipse of the moon on the eve of the Winter Solstice. Sorry Miles! You missed this one.

Differing accounts explain that this rare pair of events has not occurred in at least 372 years. Because of this I had every intention of dragging my budding astronomer out of his bed in the middle of the night to experience it. (I know I must be crazy.) When we picked up GG at the airport we saw the most perfect silver dollar moon rise into a hazy pink sky and I thought we might have a chance to witness history!

Instead the clouds prevailed and by 1:45 the moon was just a fuzzy blob in an all gray sky. Thankfully, we live in the age of You Tube and I was able to watch the eclipse this morning. I do love Michigan most of the time, but those darn clouds make it a challenge to experience all things celestial! Lets hope the weather is not cloudy in April of 2014 when we get our next chance to see a lunar eclipse.

So enjoy your nine hours of sunlight today - and if the clouds break look for the full moon rising this evening!

And - since I did not capture a picture of Miles gazing at the moon last night - I will leave you with this series of him just chillin' out in his high chair. He has taken to throwing his arms back and reclining as we sit at the table and eat. He looks like he is all grown up just hanging out at the table! He also like to throw his head back and he just giggles as he does this. My little adrenaline seeker. When he does this I have visions that motorcycles and skydiving are in his future... yikes! Now I know what I did to my mother when I took up rock climbing ~sorry mom.

p.s. Birthday picture to follow soon!!!

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