Monday, August 15, 2011

August Walk

We took a beautiful walk and watched for signs of summer fading fast before our eyes!

We saw a Downy Woodpecker feeding on the Mullein that is drying in the field. I had a friend in New Mexico that would paint the stalk with wax and use them as "tikki torches." I have also heard of using pieces of the dried stalk to scrub your pots and pans clean.

Miles loved holding a stick or a rock that Papa would hand to him to admire during the walk. My favorite moment was when he decided to use a flat rock as a cell phone and starting chatting away as we wandered the trails. I guess you can't escape technology with this generation, even when you are in the woods.

Hard to believe that in about three months we will have two kids to take on a walk!

Miles likes to walk the last bit back to the car, and lately he has been big on running. I love this picture that I snapped - you can see the sheer delight on his face!

We are enjoying these beautiful days at the end of summer. This is when you adore living in Michigan.

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