Monday, September 5, 2011

Fruits of our Labor

I have a confession to make... this summer our garden has been neglected. Don't get me wrong, we have been able to harvest some veggies here and there. I have canned and preserved a few things. But, nothing like I am used to. Part of it is becoming accustomed to a new piece of land, which has posed many of it's own challenges. The other part is that it is very different gardening with a toddler than a newborn! Last summer Miles would just sit on his blanket and cheer me on as I pulled weeds and harvested food. This summer he likes to be hands on and helping - which is wonderful, but I must say there is less work and more play being accomplished :-)

We have also taken some time to enjoy wonderful visits from family! Uncle Matt & Aunt Jessica were here first and we spent some quality time enjoying food & family - our favorite way to celebrate with loved ones! We did the same thing when Michael's cousin Tommy arrived from L.A. We ate good food and relaxed for three days straight! It was a perfect mini-vacation for us here at home, and it was so nice to catch up with family - next time we won't wait so very long!

All the while my belly continues to grow! We are truly beginning to feel filled with wonder as we prepare for this new being to enter our lives. We talk with Miles about the new baby all the time, and we are also savoring these last few months while he is still the "baby" of the family.

He is certainly not a baby anymore though! He is growing up so very fast. Here he is trying to walk in Michael's shoes. His favorite thing to say lately is "I self." Translation = "I can do it myself!" He loves music - especially the guitar and piano - and he is really good at dancing when a song he likes comes on. I am amazed at how quickly he is learning new words. Every day he gets better at communicating his wants and needs and it truly changes the parenting game when your child can participate is decision making. I also feel like I am getting a peek into more of his personality as he makes his opinion known. He loves to read and his favorite book right now is "Go, Dog. Go!" - if I have read it once I have read it a thousand times - and he never seems to tire of it. Michael remembers it as an absolute favorite from his childhood, so I love that Miles will have a similar memory!

We also managed to make it to the Greek Festival this year. I adored watching Miles watch the dance presentation. He was simply mesmerized by the costumes and music, and of course it did not take him long to get up and start dancing along with the experts.

"Eat. Dance. Be Greek"

We got to sit and enjoy dinner with Yia Yia Liz. My favorite part of dinner was the entire tent filled with desserts! We took enough home to enjoy all week :-)

This next series of photos took place when we were playing outside. I went in to grab some water - and the next thing I knew Miles was licking the screen! Instead of making him stop immediately - I burst into laughter and took photos - I know - probably not my best parenting moment, but I can assure you the pictures will make you laugh too!

So that is what we have been up to. Although the harvests have been smaller this year we are still enjoying the fruits of our labor.

We are especially enjoying each and every moment we are blessed to share with family and friends!

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