Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Sippy Tommy"

OK - First of all, they are called "truly spill proof cups" and yet I found myself wondering, could it be true? Could it be that my "Sippy Cup Drama" has finally come to an end?

After reading about my dilemma my sweet friend in South Africa told me about Tommee Tippee cups. She even sent one as a gift for Miles... and after much skepticism I was shocked to find that in fact, the said cup, seemed to be leak proof.

This sent me looking for more, and I found this version. He loves them, I love them, life is wonderful!! Sometimes you just have to take time to appreciate the little things!

In their own words: "The Clever Bit: Unlike other valve systems our active sensor valve is designed by a physicist to be both so sensitive that liquid flows on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof. ~taken from the TT website." And p.s. I have not been compensated by my new favorite company in any way to make these claims. (Though I would not say no to a lifetime supply of these gadgets! :-)

I knew that was all we needed - a physicist to take on the challenge!! Now my smile matches the one on Miles' face when I see that there are no more leaky spills on my floor, in my car, and on my couch!

When Miles goes to his drawer and asks for juice in his new favorite cup. He asks for his "Sippy Tommy." Precious!

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