Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let it Snow!

For the second time in his life Miles has experienced the first snow of the year! We had a beautiful morning that began with a walk ~ hoping to induce some contractions ~ and then we ran around in the yard for a bit. The fall skies were filled with sun, then clouds, then sun again in the way you can only experience in Michigan. We decided to harvest the last of the Brussels sprouts from the garden, and as we did suddenly the snow began to fall! It was subtle at first, and then it began bombarding us in a downfall of small pellets. Miles was amazed!

We ran up to the house and I grabbed the camera. Miles knelt down mesmerized and determined to uncover the mystery of this white stuff that had suddenly appeared on the ground.

Much to his dismay he came to the unpleasant conclusion that it was COLD ~ COLD ~ COLD!

So we decided to head inside and warm up with a bowl of hot oatmeal for lunch! That improved his mood!

Winter has arrived in the form of flying snow here! Hopefully this new baby will do the same very soon. I am hoping this change in weather and perhaps tonight's full moon might move things along. I guess only time will tell.

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  1. Hi Sally :) Loooong time no see. Cute kids :) I sent you an e-mail to a hotmail address. Not sure if you check that one anymore. Hope to hear back from you.