Monday, October 31, 2011

October Wrap-Up

Summer has quickly slipped into fall this year as the two really warm weeks we enjoyed at the beginning of October suddenly turned rainy and cold. I love this picture that Nonna snapped of Miles playing with their scarecrow and pumpkin decorations. The fall weather feels good, and as the seasons change I am reminded that this year we have a very special upcoming event.

You know your due date is closing in when it begins to appear on perishable items at the grocery store!

We celebrated Papa's birthday by decorating the front step. This time Miles was more interested in coloring with the chalk than eating it. Michael has been working so hard lately and it was fun to take a moment to celebrate. I surprised him with tickets to see Gillian Welch and we both agreed it was one of the best shows we have seen since we moved from New Mexico! "Baby2" seemed to enjoy his or her first show too ~ the baby would jump and dance every time the crowd clapped ~ which they did a lot to get three awesome encores!

Last week a Halloween card arrived from GG. (She makes the most beautiful cards!) Miles really felt special when we went to the mailbox and there was a letter there just for him! He has the black cat card on his bookshelf and he loves to say hello to it.

Lately we have been enjoying lazy weekend mornings as we work to stockpile as much sleep as we can. Miles has come to expect pancakes or waffles to appear for breakfast on such mornings. This last week we tried a new recipe ~Sweet Potato Waffles. They were delicious and reminded me of the post (Recipe for Parenting) that I wrote when Miles was less than a month old and we were truly learning how to be new parents! I am sure that we will continue the tradition of waffle making as the sleepless nights brought on by new baby ensue.

We decided to continue with the crown making for this year's Halloween costume. Miles and I made a paper mache crown and painted it. We thought it would be the perfect compliment to the beautiful cape that YiaYia made for him!

At first he was a little unsure of it, and then he got into character and he was running all over the yard!

Our little super hero!

Papa was impressed with our arts & crafts project!

And Miles had lots of fun showing off for all the trick-or-treaters that arrived on our porch. Including these two spooky characters :-) By the end of the night he had perfected the art of saying "Happy Halloween" and "trick-or-treat" to all the kids that came to the front door.

I think that is how I will remember this month the most... it truly has been a month of language development for Miles. Each day he amazes me with new words when he uses them. He often wakes up in the morning before we do, and we wake up to him singing. Usually "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" but there are others in his repertoire. He is truly the light of our lives and we simply cannot wait to see him as a big brother!

So there you have it, October is over and November has finally arrived. Just like any time you count down to an event the excitement grows when important markers pass... well, here we are. For the last nine months we have been anticipating November. Now we are just waiting to see which day this baby will arrive!

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