Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prince Miles & the Double Rainbow

As I typed the name of this post it kind of sounded like a band name to me, maybe that is because we are always trying to think of good band names around here. (Perhaps Miles can use this one in the future :-)

So - we were graced with an epic rainbow experience after a storm last week. One of the things I adored about my time in New Mexico was the unbelievable rainbows that arched from horizon to horizon after monsoon rains. The one we just saw was every bit as beautiful as those I reminisce about, and then the double rainbow began to appear. I got so excited! Miles is at the age that when I get excited, he gets excited. Soon we were both standing at the window squealing with delight! (Though I did not get as crazy as the infamous You Tube "double rainbow guy.")

Michael was playing guitar, I grabbed my camera, and Miles just danced and sang along!

We can't wait to share all the wonders of the world with his new sibling... it won't be long now!

Here is his twenty-one month picture. I can hardly believe how many teeth he has, how big he is now, and of course - how blond he is! This month his vocabulary has probably tripled, and I am still in awe when he pulls out words like "measuring tape" or "compost" in context. I think my favorite family time is either when we all sit down for dinner in the evening, or when he asks to "cuddle" and read books in the "big bed" before it is time to sleep.

This last week we celebrated my birthday. My sweet husband took me on a date Friday night and we had the most delicious dinner and wandered around downtown to see some of the ArtPrize entries. Then on Saturday I got to celebrate with my girlfriends. My parents went to Windsor's Little Italy, a tradition they have come to love. They picked up juice for their wine, and also my "birthday cake," the most delicious apple tart.

On Sunday they came over and we celebrated again! (I got to have a three day party.) We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful endless summer weather we have been having. It felt good to just spend time with family & good food. Certainly my two favorite things in life! All around it was the perfect way to celebrate another wonderful year!

Miles and I have been exploring art projects that are appropriate for toddlers, now that he is more interested in coloring with the crayons than eating them... most of the time! This last week we made crowns. He enjoyed the process, but the real delight came when he saw himself in the mirror. He was so proud of the crown he made and he just kept modeling in the mirror!

So there he is - Prince Miles! We are just waiting to see if there will be a prince or a princess coming along soon to share his reign.

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  1. I love that only we know the "real" double rainbow story. :o) I love that Miles has words like "measuring tape" and "compost." It makes it really clear that first words are so dependent on your surroundings. I'd say that those two words describe your family quite well!