Saturday, May 29, 2010

Piano Lessons

Last Sunday (5/23) Miles had his first "piano lesson." Really, Michael sat with him and just waited to see what he would do when they were in front of the piano.

He just reached out and began to pat away at the keys. He would play, then look around and listen, and then play some more. It is really amazing to watch as each day he interacts more and more with the world. Many times before he has sat and watched Michael play the piano, but this time it was his turn. He also loves to watch his Papa play the guitar. In fact he will sit for long stretches just mesmerized as Michael plays for him.

Secretly I hope the awesome musical talent from his paternal side has been passed down to him. I have absolutely no skill when it comes to music, except for the appreciation of it. I always say there has to be a few people in the audience to enjoy the talented musicians... and I am one of them. I guess we will just have to wait and see which side of the stage he will take his place on. Until them I am so thankful that he will always be surrounded by the sounds of music. Should he decide to play an instrument when he gets older I know his father will be the most amazing teacher!

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  1. This is great Sally! It reminds me of some great pictures we have of Brian on the drums as a little guy... born to play!