Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rolling Around

On Sunday (5/2) we had an exciting event take place at our house... OK exciting to me at least :-) Papou Jim was here and went out for a wonderful breakfast at Gaia in the morning. Then when we came home we had sort of an impromptu hang out session, in the stairwell/hallway of our house - of all places. I put Miles down on his belly, because he has been much more agreeable with this lately. Then Papou got down and laughed and "talked" with him. Then all of the sudden it happened! He rolled over!

My immediate reaction was to squeal with excitement... then suddenly Miles looked terribly frightened, and he burst into tears! Michael just happened to be standing by with the camera to capture the hysterical moment, although I am not sure Miles thought it was very funny at all.

I love this picture where you can see me sincerely overjoyed in the background and my sweet son just terrified by it all. What amazes me is that my reaction was entirely involuntary. I watched him accomplish this new feat and suddenly I was filled with this extreme sense of pride along with complete adoration and excitement. Before I knew it this scream of praise erupted from my mouth - I'll be honest it surprised me a bit too. I never understood mothers who ran down the sidelines cheering as their child raced to make a goal, or placed the spelling test with a big red letter A on their office door. I never thought I would be one of "those" mothers. But, Sunday I realized that once you become a mother you really have no choice. You are instantly madly in love and overflowing with pride with each small task your child accomplishes. All I can promise Miles is that hopefully by the time he learns to tie his shoes or brush his own teeth I will be a bit more composed with my enthusiasm. I'll try Miles, I truly will.

Papou Jim calmed him down, and they were back on the floor trying to recreate the event. In typical Miles fashion he refused to perform for the camera, but they had fun playing for awhile.

It was wonderful to see them hanging out, and really - as I stood on the landing and watched as Michael took these pictures, I wished I had grabbed another camera to capture the image of the three of them! I am so appreciative of this precious time in our lives when Miles gets to be surrounded by the love of his grandparents, (and even his great grandmothers too!) He has brought us all closer in a way I never imagined, simply by rolling around on the ground as we all stand back and watch in awe.

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  1. Beautiful... all of you. And I wish you a very happy first Mother's Day tomorrow Sally!
    love, Vikki