Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hand-eye coordination

For the last few weeks Miles has been perfecting the art of putting anything and everything he can get a hold of into his mouth. I am sure this will only continue as teething begins! We have had so much fun watching as he eyes his target, works to get a hold of it, and then pull it to his face. Who knew so much effort went into the seemingly effortless act of hand-eye coordination. Amazing to watch as he literally learns to manipulate his surroundings.

This teething toy from our friend Lisa has been his favorite as of late! Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.
Often he misses the intended target and the object of his desire lands in his eye, or more towards his ear, and I have to work not to giggle as it is so comical and cute at the same time.

And sometimes it goes right where he wants - where he can happily chew away. Until the next pretty thing he would like to devour catches his eye.

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