Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking Ritual

Last Monday (4/5) my friend Mere was in town from Seattle on the sad occasion that her Nana passed away. She was truly a wonderful woman and her presence will be missed. I will always remember her sparkling eyes, her beautiful smile, and the way that Mere could make her laugh! Although the occasion was sad it was so nice to spend the morning reminiscing with this friend I have known since middle school. In fact not only was Mere my college roommate at MSU, but she was also my campaign manager when I ran for Vice President in sixth grade! Now she has the new title of honorary aunt to Miles!

The morning greeted us with a cool fog and the sunlight was shining through in long rays onto Reeds Lake. This walk has been a ritual we have shared for countless years and it felt wonderful to just walk and talk the miles away. As the hours passed the sun came out and when we ended there were blue skies!

Miles slept though most of the trip in his stroller. Mere had not seen him since he was one day old and she was amazed at how he had grown! In fact this week he weighed 14 lbs. and 14 oz.

We passed beautiful gardens with the Lenten Rose (Helleboris orientalis) in full bloom! The day before I noticed that the same plants were blooming at Mere's moms front door. This hearty plant is known for it's early bloom and the delicate blossoms stand as flags of spring. Again, I am reminded that the seasons are changing as I look to the world outside. This change seems especially significant this year. Perhaps as a parent now I am vividly aware that the next generation has arrived and that it is especially important to cherish and appreciate all those that came before us.

By the end of the walk Miles wanted to be held. It felt good to walk with him in my arms. As the sun came out birds began to fly through the trees. We saw a Red Tailed Hawk, a Downy Woodpecker, and Goldfinches freshly painted yellow for the summer. There is something healing about the power of simply walking and talking with friends. This walk is something that Mere and I have shared for years, and it felt wonderful to do it with Miles. Today was a beautiful day to both reminisce about the past and look to the future as the seasons change around us.

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