Sunday, April 4, 2010

Plus Sign

One year ago today we woke up to an amazing surprise. As Michael was making some of his delicious red chili potatoes for breakfast I came to the unbelievable conclusion that I was in fact PREGNANT! I will never forget the moment I ran in to show him the test. I peeked my head around the corner and saw him gathering an armload of spuds. It was one of those moments in life when time slows down and things seem incredibly shiny and clear. In my head I thought, "This is it, from now on everything will be totally different" and I was swelling with joy and hope! When the time came I could think of nothing eloquent to say, all I could really mumble was "Um - look." To which he stood in awe and said something like "Whoa - no way - really?" I know, really descriptive on our parts huh? But, for once, this group was truly speechless.

We sort of stood around dazed all day muttering things like "Oh wow" and "unbelievable!" When two people have know each other as long as we have there is not much that can really shock us. However, this was different! We knew that the path ahead was completely unknown territory, and really we had no idea what to expect! All we knew was that suddenly our hopes for a family were realized, and that from now on there would always be someone else to consider.

As the day went on we would just stop what we were doing and stare at each other and giggle. Luckily what followed was what I called a "normal" healthy pregnancy with no complications. I will always be thankful for the loving support Michael gave me as my body changed (along with my moods :) He has been the most wonderful and caring father from the first moment!

Truly it is hard to believe that a year has passed. As the magic of springtime unfold around us again I am still amazed that the little blue plus sign has turned into this!

We are so incredibly thankful for the blessing of Miles in our lives!

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