Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Growing before our eyes!

If I had to recall the one thing I hear most from people about parenting, whether it is from close friends, or unsolicited advice from people at the grocery store it is simply the phrase, "Enjoy it! They grow so fast." And I must admit, I heard this before Miles arrived in our lives, and I thought to myself - sure - but it can't happen that fast.

News flash: He is literally growing before our eyes!

This picture was taken on 12/26 when he was just seven days old. We adore this bouncy chair! It was an awesome gift and it has served as the backdrop for countless pictures, as I am sure you have noticed. It has also been an interesting gauge to measure his growth. When we first plopped him into his chair his eyes barely peeked above the material that held him in.

This picture was taken on 12/30 when he was eleven days old, just five days older than the previous picture, and already he had grown so much!

On 1/27 he was just six weeks old. Not like he was ever a tiny baby, but he was already looking so grown up!

2/27 - One month later he is 10 weeks old, and fitting rather cozily into his favorite chair. Now his elbows rest where his eyebrows used to be!

This picture was taken last Saturday (4/4). As week 16 began I was astounded at the contrast of this picture with the first one we took. Suddenly, the saying rang true - "Enjoy it! They grow so fast." I found myself is disbelief. I almost have a four month old, and truly everything is flying by so very fast!

I will continue the tradition of taking his picture in this chair (as long as he still fits in it) and be sure to share the pictures with you. Almost 1/3 of a year has passed. We are still hit or miss with the sleeping through the night. We have already put away a whole series of clothes that are too small now, and we have moved up to the next size of cloth diapers. I know he is not walking or talking yet, and it will still be awhile before he asks me for the car keys, but I am just trying to hold him close and cherish him now!

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