Thursday, May 27, 2010

Surprise Visits

Last week Wednesday when returning from our play date with the Bradley girls I was practically run down by a Cadillac I had never seen before! I wondered who was the crazy lady honking and madly thrashing about? Until I realized she was saying "SALLY! - It's me Abby!" and in fact it was my friend from high school and college, home from Denver for the weekend to check in on her folks (and driving their ride).

I cannot begin to tell you how cool it was to have her meet Miles. It was rather surreal to be standing on her front lawn, where I used to pick her up in my Paw Paw's pickup truck to go out for the night - with my son! Wow! We have come a looong way. We caught up as best we could sharing stories from the last few years on her back porch, but there was hardly enough time to distill everything into the brief visit. We must get out to CO, or she must return sooner rather than later, to hang with her newest little buddy!

Then on Sunday - SURPRISE - sweet Sarah Shelp showed up on our doorstep for a wonderful "popcorn" visit. She was fresh from the beach and kissed by the sun after spending the day at the lake. Unfortunately no pictures were snapped to capture the event, but she left a cheer in our heart for the days to come!

It is so wonderful to share my baby with my friends. I have never been so proud in all of my life. My greatest creation; my best art piece ever. If I must say so, I do think he looks marvelous in the arms of my friends!

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