Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Standing Up

I am amazed at how quickly a (almost) nine month old builds confidence. Suddenly his wanderings have taken to a vertical nature and he has been fearlessly pulling himself UP! Wow. What really astounds me is that almost 18 months ago he was only two little cells that bumped into each other; now he is a little human learning to navigate and find his own way in the world. I just keep reeling at this miracle we have been blessed enough to witness!

Lately Miles has been crawling himself over to, and pulling himself up on, anything and everything he can get a hold of. But, the real change happened this weekend. He did not want to fall asleep in his crib during naptime. We could hear him talking and entertaining himself. Then suddenly the tone shifted, we could hear him squealing with glee. When we went to investigate what all of the raucous was about, we found a little boy who learned how to STAND UP in his crib!

He was truly proud of his new trick. I found myself wondering if he is going to be like his Theo Dan (a.k.a. Spiderman) and the next thing he will learn how to do is climb OUT! Yikes!

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