Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Teeth vs Crawling

The big debate at our house has been trying to decide whether Miles will crawl first or if his teeth will come in. Well after much anticipation it seems to be a tie.
Two little white tooth buds have erupted from his bottom gums, much to his dismay. The pain seems to bother him more at night when he sucks on his fingers and rubs at his tired eyes. So far I feel blessed that we have has such a happy baby and the fussiness of teething has been relatively minor considering how much it must hurt to cut teeth.At the same time he has become more and more stable on all fours and has been using this new found freedom to explore this place we call home. This has made for a new phase in motherhood, as I had become accustomed to placing him on his play mat and going about my work. Suddenly all things are accessible! Never mind electrical outlets... when I heard him "strumming" away at Papa's guitar I went into high alert!

His curiosity astounds me and he seems to have a keen eye for all those things you don't want babies to play with: paperclips, lamp cords, stereo speakers, and precious guitars to name a few. Looks like my days of mothering are about to get much busier! It is all worth it though because it truly is amazing to watch as he grows and discovers the world.

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