Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Rabbit

We started out the week surrounded by boxes and Miles seemed a bit bewildered as the contents of his room were shoved into a pile. He stayed very nearby as we continued to pack the house. I guess he wanted to keep a close eye on his stuff and make sure it was safe. We tried to help the transition by painting his new room the same color as his old one. It was also the first room in the new house to get unpacked so he would feel right at home.
Though we are excited for this change in our lives we found ourselves a bit sentimental the last night. We watched the last sunset from our windows and thought of all the wonderful events that have happened in our lives while we lived here. Most notably this is the home that Miles was born in. It is a place that has sheltered us, but also comforted us, and given us a foundation as a family on which to build our dreams. It felt good stepping out into something new because we will always have the warmth of this home in our hearts.

The very next night we watched the sunset at our new home, again surrounded by boxes - this time in various states of being unpacked. We stood out on the porch together and talked about all the new memories we will make here and how happy we are to begin this chapter in our lives!

As you can see Miles loved his first breakfast here in the kiwi bib from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Matt. We unpacked all day and then got him dressed for the Halloween festivities. He wore the orange rabbit ears that my mother made. I wore them for Halloween when I was a little over a year old, so they fit him fairly well.
He also wore the little sweater that GG just made for him, and he really did not seem to mind the whole get up. He laughed and sat on the lawn with his carrot rattle. Later he entertained all the kids who came to the door to trick-or-treat.

So glad my mom saved the ears and we could recreate the Halloween Rabbit experience for little man. Maybe they will last another generation.

We are settling in to this new place filled with hopes and dreams and all kinds of exciting plans for the future. Stay tuned, that's all for now folks!

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