Monday, November 15, 2010

Our New Neighbors

We are really enjoying being in our new space and making it feel like a home. Last week my sweet friend Angela came over and shared her organizational skills by helping me get the kitchen in order. It really is the heart of a home in my opinion, and I wanted to make sure that everything had a place. The jars filled with dry goods and the spice rack Michael built me are central to the kitchen. It is comforting when I look up and see the rice, flours, beans, spices, and grains that are all waiting to become part of a meal. In every home I have lived in these jars have organized the food that has nourished me. When Michael and I saw this place we both looked on top of the cabinets and said, "The jars can go there."

Part of the joy of moving it getting to develop a new sense of place along with finding a new place for all of your things. When I am not opening every drawer trying to remember which one I put the whatever it is I am looking for in, I am reveling in the opportunity to revamp and restyle our home. Miles seems to just like "taking the tour" as I call it. He often crawls from room to room as if to look at all of the old things in their very new places.

I find myself wondering what he thinks about all of this change that happened rather abruptly in his little life. I try to take time to ponder what it must look like through his eyes.

Each morning we look out the window over the water and think about our day ahead. Each day is a new opportunity for him (and all of us really) to learn and try new things. The seasons are changing, and we feel the effects of our own change, but we are beginning to settle in. We are starting to develop routines here. We have even found a wonderful place to walk in the woods! I look forward to learning the land here and watching it change through the seasons.

We walked the trails as the sun set and saw the waxing crescent moon hanging above us. The start of our first full lunar cycle in our new home.

There are so many geese preparing to migrate right now and flocks of them flew past as dusk settled over the land. As they struggled to reach formation their flapping wings and honking calls tied heaven to earth on this ethereal evening with "my boys."

The very next day we were greeted by our heron friend standing on the dock. Miles and I waved "hello" to our new neighbor, although he probably knows we are the new ones around here. I must say that each day truly feels like an adventure right now. We are enjoying meeting our new neighbors (both human and avian) and we are looking forward to growing into our new community.


  1. Interesting thoughts, Sally. I do wonder what Miles thinks of all this change? On one hand he probably likes the new adventure, but on the other he is probably very confused! I can't wait to see your new home.

  2. Sals, Mike & Miles!! so lovely to hear you having such fun settling in, despite the Change... which is always a challenge :)

    Sean & I too have been watching the moon waxing from a tiny sliver a few weeks ago - our fist lunar cycle as marrieds! Its a month anniversary now - 25th... so we are celebrated Thanksgiving ( I still consider myself 1/10th American since I spent 1/10th of my life there) in our own (quiet) way. Happy Thanksgiving sweet friends :)xxx