Sunday, November 21, 2010


This weekend as Miles napped I reopened the "Canning Factory" in our new kitchen and made him some applesauce! While cutting the (many many) apples I remembered how amazed I was as a child to find out that when you cut an apple it had a "star" inside. I found myself cutting each core looking for the star, and then I lined them up for a photo. Good kitchen art!

When Miles woke up he spent the rest of the time "helping" in his walker, and spending a lot of time right under my feet. When he was not rolling me over we giggled as he raced around. He gnawed on apple chunks with his teething gums. I think that it must have felt good because he just kept chewing, and eventually was covered in juice and mush! Luckily I took his eleven month picture before he was too messy!

Later that night the (day before) full moon rose and we were excited to watch it from the porch. The November full moon is known as the Full Beaver Moon and I am excited to report that I think I have identified the two swimming mammals in the pond as beavers... what a coincidence huh? I know - who is the science nerd here??? But, as I watched them swim and "slap" the water yesterday it occurred to me that they might be the reason that the Norway Maple in the backyard has the strange scars around the trunk that seem to be killing it.

We also managed to sneak in some playtime with baby Chloe and as always it was so wonderful to see the babies interact. Miles is so enthusiastic around his little friends, almost too much at times because his energetic squeals seemed to freak her out. I guess learning how to play well with others really is a lifelong pursuit!


  1. Wow, those apple stars are incredible! (And the kid ain't half bad either!) :)

  2. wowwowwow!!!! love the apple stars! and I agree with Meliss, the kid's gorgeous! Hope I get to meet him sooner rather than later :)