Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little Helper

Miles loves to help you with whatever you are working on! He was watching Michael take apart some of his music equipment and he wanted to get right into the action. He is not content to "pretend" and work on something near you, or with tools that are not true to form (i.e. you can't trade out a block for a screwdriver - he wants the real deal). This particular morning he watched Micheal rather intently, then proceeded to take the screwdriver from his hand and get to work. It is fascinating to watch as he learns to mimic our actions and make them his own.

Helping papa!

At eleven months there are many things that have begun to mark his independence. Including his telling squeal that explains that he is asserting his own opinion! He also likes to hold his bottle, or his spoon or fork when eating at the table. Often he will extend his little arm to share a bite of whatever he is eating. The act is so charming I find myself nibbling on gooey rice crackers and mushy bananas all the time.

In the new house he is learning to navigate stairs. Going up was easy, and just recently he learned to cautiously travel down. He is also standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. I can see his comfort with this is growing exponentially and I can only imagine what is next. I have a feeling the "toddling" years were aptly named.

I think his favorite thing to "help" with right now is unpacking. He is really good at "unpacking" his bookshelf, his toy bin, the kitchen cabinets, and especially the basket of laundry you have just folded. Luckily he is simply adorable as he does it, so for the time being I have not minded following behind and "repacking" everything again. :-)

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