Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5, 2009 ~ First Snow!

I know that yesterday (12/4) is a day I will remember for years to come! We awoke to a morning painted white, the freshly fallen snow crisp and covering the city. It was the perfect kind of fluffy snow that sticks to all the limbs of trees like frosting. The air was calm and as the day went on still more flakes floated gently down totaling almost 11 inches.

Angela came over to visit and we decided to go for a walk in the snow. Then we decided to walk to Marie Catrib’s and have an early lunch! We were quite a sight, me thirty nine weeks pregnant treading through the deep snow covered sidewalks, and Angela marching in front of me (forgetting that I move at a snail’s pace these days) leading the way. We took the camera along and I snapped some photos. A cardinal graced us as he grazed on the freshly frozen crab apples.

As we walked it began to snow again, and I did not bring the camera case along for our trip. Having no room left in my own coat (due to my expansive belly) I asked Angela to tuck the camera in her jacket. This prompted people waiting for the bus to comment that, “we were two cute pregnant ladies out for a walk!” For some reason this struck me as incredibly hilarious and I clutched my huge midsection as I doubled over laughing hysterically. I think everyone thought I might give birth right there in the snowy streets of GR. Needless to say I did not, and the almost three mile round trip walk did nothing to induce labor.

Another interesting snow event happened at the same time in Houston, TX. I spoke with my Grandmother yesterday and she said she did in fact witness snowflakes flying in the Lone Star State. The National Weather Service said this was the earliest snow in Houston’s history, and only the fourth time it has snowed in the last fifteen years. I remember one snowfall there when I was a child before we moved to Michigan. We made tiny little snowballs and placed them in the freezer. Little did I know that I would be surrounded by snow one day… and now I will have a winter baby to play in the snow with!

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  1. Hi Sally!
    Ei shared the blog with me... this is great! I have one too, daily photos. Wish I was there, I'd LOVE to take some maternity shots of you! I did a shoot with a co-worker a couple of weeks ago, came out pretty nice:
    Looking forward to future posts.
    love from sunny So-Cal, Vikki