Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009 ~ Blue Moon on New Years Eve

I just received this e-mail from Vanessa - looks like there are some even more amazing statistics regarding our rare Blue Moon/ New Years event! Thanks V!


On 31 December, the Blue Moon will dip into Earth's shadow for a partial lunar eclipse. The event is visible from Europe, Africa and Asia. At maximum eclipse, around 19h24 Universal Time, approximately 8% of the Moon will be darkly shadowed.

Blue Moons are rare (once every 2.5 years).
Blue Moons on New Year's Eve are rarer still (once every 19 years).

How rare is a lunar eclipse of a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve? A search of NASA's Five Millennium Catalogue of Lunar Eclipses provides an approximate answer. In the next 1000 years, Blue Moons on New Year's Eve will be eclipsed only 11 times (once every 91 years).

So this is a rare event, indeed."

I took this photo of the Waxing Gibbous moon on the 29th when we had a rare break in the "gray dome" over West Michigan... just in case it is too cloudy to see the full moon tonight. I was indoors, and the antique glass in this old house gave the photo a nice blurry feel - kind of how we feel with all these sleepless nights!

We are wishing everyone a very healthy and happy New Year! We will probably ring in the New Year in between diaper changes and feedings tonight while praying for three consecutive hours of sleep

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