Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26, 2009 ~ Visitors!

When we woke up this morning I congratulated Miles on being a week old. Though I can guarantee he has no idea what the difference is between a week and a nap :-) But, what a week it has been! With the Holiday Season upon us we have been blessed to have family and friends arrive from all corners to meet Miles! Here are some of the visitors he had over the last week!

When he was one day old Aunt Sarah and Uncle David met Miles. Then on the 23rd they helped us out immensely by chauffeuring us to the county clerks office to apply for Miles' birth certificate. His first outing would never have been as successful without their help! We look forward to many more adventures with them in the future!

Mere and Anthony also flew through on the 20th, and their brief but beautiful visit was much appreciated! Before they left to return to Seattle Mere managed to love me up with a much needed massage and Anthony took the family photo that was posted earlier. Thanks friends, we miss you already!
On the 21st Tasha, Mikaela, and Angela stopped in to see Miles. Angela was an amazing assistant as she attended the birth and helped Micheal and our midwife care for me! I was with her when Mikaela was born almost ten years ago, and she was able to return the favor. It was such a wonderful gift to have her help and we are forever grateful!

Theo Dan arrived on the 22nd and shared some quality time with his nephew. I know Miles is already dreaming about the jam sessions he will have with his papa and his uncle!

That same day Miles caught up with his Nonna Linda and Great Grandmother Joye. While the matriarchs from the Laughter side loved him up mama was able to take a much appreciated rest. I know my mother is in love because she even helped out by watering all of my house plants while I napped! We have also been enjoying all of the delicious food she prepared for us... and I hear there is more to come... YUM!

Yia Yia Linda has also helped by providing one of her amazing salads and of course loving on Miles every chance she gets!

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