Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010 ~ Fashionista

Everyone who knows me knows that my fashion sense is slightly lacking. In fact in the past I have begged my friends to nominate me for the television show What Not To Wear just so I could get some professional help. I do not have a problem with the fact that I think that hiking boots are acceptable as evening wear (you never know when you might need to race out on the trails :-) and I own shirts in every shade of brown ever made. (In fact Michael has declared an moratorium on purchasing in brown!) So, needless to say Miles is glad that there are people other than me responsible for keeping him fashion savvy. Here are some of the utterly adorable clothing items he has been gifted in the past few weeks. Thanks to all who have contributed these and many more items filling our closet.

This sweet shirt from Aunt Jess and Uncle Matt says, "I will make a difference!" Already a favorite with the smart new pants Papa bought him.  This adorable ensemble came from Lisa and Thom and the Sprout theme fits perfectly with this garden happy family! Love the hat that came with it! Thanks!

The Shelps appealed to our rocker side and made Miles an outfit to wear on stage with Dad. Unfortunately his 9lb + frame was too big for this preemie onesie.  And my Aunt Sally knew that every Texan must have a pair of boots! We have not had them on yet but we will be sure to add a picture when we do! Thanks for making sure Miles can express his "Cowboy Side." There are so many more wonderful outfits that I am sure you will see as time goes by. I should also thank Mere and Anthony for his extremely fashionable Patagonia hoodie! This has already kept him warm on many an outing... thanks for splurging on our little man!

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