Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010 ~ Moments with Miles

This post is simply a collection of sweet photos that have been taken over the last few weeks. I can hardly believe that Miles is three weeks old today! Every week I have done "the countdown" starting on Thursday night, and then through Saturday morning.... and I still can't believe he took that long to arrive. Oh the things we do for love. Now I can hardly remember what we used to do around here without him.
I decided that I would keep all of the PG 13 rated pics of his first bath private so he will still speak to me when he is a teenager, but here is a nice after bath photo when he was wrapped in his "Safari towel" from Theo Tommy and Chelsea.

I love this picture of Miles and Paw Paw... they are just checking each other out.

This photo from the same day as the one above shows Miles with his two favorite Sally's. Both my Aunt Sally and I are named after my Great Grandmother Sally. It was such a treat to have Aunt Sally visiting from Texas over the holidays so she could meet Miles when he was in his first weeks.

Since you have seen his adorable side on the blog for the last few weeks, we have decided that you need to see his other half. This is Miles screaming full tilt for the camera. Wow - does he have lungs! We think he is training to sing back up vocals on Michael's next record. While it does have some entertaining qualities the screaming really does numb your brain around 3am.

This is where all that screaming leaves us. These two pictures were gathered from little cat naps he allowed us to take one morning last week. I must say that some of my favorite time spent right now is sleeping with him like this. I love to feel him breathing close to me as we slip off to sleep.

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  1. Wow,Sally! Great job on telling the story of the early days of your family. Love the photos in this post especially.